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Professional Mouse Control - Mice

Mice and Mouse Control:

Do you think you may have found some signs to suggest that you have mice? If so then you may need a service that you can rely on.


Here at Surrey Hills Pest Control we have many years experience in dealing with mice, which enables us to get around your problem efficiently and effectively.  When we come to carry out a mouse job we will see the area where you are experiencing the problem, we will then do a full survey of the property which is included in the treatment charge where we will go around your property and look for any signs where the mice may be gaining entry and advice on appropriate proofing methods. 


Once we have established where the mice are gaining entry and there habbits then we can carry out the right approach for treatment.


Mice need to be controlled because they pose a risk of a variety of diseases being spread through their urine and their droppings.  So if you want to have a safe disease free home or business, control of mice is essential.   


Surrey Hills Pest Control can help you with your mouse problem effectively, efficiently and professionally


So for mouse control contact Surrey Hills Pest Control today to see how we can help.

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