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Wasp Nest Removal Surrey

Surrey Hills Pest Control, your local wasp nest removal experts in Surrey.

Wasp Nest Removal Surrey

Professional Wasp Nest Removal

In Surrey

Wasp Nest Removal In Surrey

Here at Surrey Hills Pest Control we aim to provide our customers with the best wasp nest removal service in Surrey.  Our aim is to provide a professional, cost-effective, reliable and quick response wasp nest removal service throughout Surrey to domestic homeowners as well as business premises.


Guaranteed Treatments


All our wasp nest removal treatments are guaranteed for nests that are treated by us.


Discounts on additional nest


With our wasp nest removal service we will charge you for your first wasp nest to be treated and any extra nests that you have at the time of treatment the price will be reduced, whilst still giving you the same professional service that we aim for.

Whilst we offer a wasp nest removal service it is not something that is necessary as wasps will not reuse a nest, it will always be the queen in the spring that will start a new nest. 


A lot of the time the nest itself is not easily accessible so the treatment will consist of treating the entrance of a nest which might be under a roof tile or a hole in a wall for example, so sometimes its not possible to remove the nest.


We can provide wasp nest removal in Surrey but this will be after the nest has been treated so that it is no longer active, usually we will do this a week after the treatment.



Surrey Hills Pest Control is part of Surrey Hills Wasp Nest Removal who specialise in the control of wasps in Surrey

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Wasp Nest Removal Surrey
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